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A pair of Adventure Sporster Conversions - Classic Motorcycles

This most about custom motorcycles is that no matter how outlandish a potential idea may be someone somewhere will probably get around to building one. I'd wager that torque is NOT a problem with either of these bikes.

Adventure Sporster Conversions - Classic Motorcycles

Adventure Sporster Conversions - Classic Motorcycles

Nice Shoot Yamaha YZF-R1 Girl Photo Model

yamaha girl photo modelYou are looking for Nice Shoot Yamaha YZF-R1 Girl Photo Model - Sexy Girl Model and The White Gallant Motorcycle Yamaha YZF-R1 are nice combinations

Wicked Little Customized Triumph Thruxton Cafe Racer

Very nice Triumph Cafe Racer Modified. This is Wicked Little Red Style Customized Triumph Thruxton Cafe Racer

Yamaha Cafe Racers Model Gallery

There are picture of many model of yamaha cafe racer, yamaha classic motorcycles, classic bike

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelClassic brit bike look...pre color photography.

Yamaha Cafe Racers Model2 Yammie SRXs circa 1986

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelNeed more tanks like that in the world.

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelClean,

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelNot a cafe bike, but the clip-ons and tail section and trick swingarm are worthy.

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelI go into bouts of self flagellation when I remember selling my SRX for $1000...

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelSRX - GB1

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelA limey SRX?

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelI like it...

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelHit me again...

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelDirty minx

Yamaha Cafe Racers ModelA Swiss SRX-6

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Moto Guzzi Cafe Style Motorcycles

That Moto Guzzi Cafe is very nice to look. I love this orange color motorcycle that uses something as big as tennis balls for carb plugs.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ducati Terra Mostro - The Dirt Monster Ducati

Ducati Terra Mostro - The Dirt Bike Monster Ducati
The Ducati Scrambler Of The 60's was popular in the USA, it's primary market but disappeared when the company stopped producing singles to concentrate on twins. Aside from the pantah based, Cagiva Elephant, there has not been a Ducati dirt bike since. Pierre Terblanche (yes he of 999 infamy) on his way to being shown the door designed the Ducati Scrambler 1100 that never saw the light of day. But you can buy a Ducati Monster based dirt bike, just not from the factory. It's called the Terra Mostro.

In the summer of 2006 Kent Harle and Blaine Dehmlow of Overland Motorcycles, started with a drawing on a Napkin 50/50 of a true dual-sport bike that would be purpose built for the rider that has to explore those Outlying places in order to feel at home in this world. The Napkin progressed into a full-fledged motorcycle in late 2008. Overland Motorcycles concept is pretty simple. Take a previous generation Monster 695, and add dirtbike suspension and wheels to create the

Ducati Terra Mostro
The 695 engine offers just the right amount of power and is Critically 20lbs lighter then the larger engines Desmodue although that has not stopped at least one customer creating an S2R Terra Mostro.

Ducati Terra Mostro - The Dirt Ducati
The XR650 front forks are 46mm Kayaba cartridge sourced units and just one of the Monsters disc brakes are retained. Out back a longer, extruded aluminum swingarm massively extends the wheelbase to 60.4 "(1537mm). A longer, fully adjustable Wilbers shock goes along with it and Takasago Excel alloy wheels 21 "and 18" rims complete the dirt transformation. In this form the bike has 210mm (8.3 ") wheel travel at both ends. The engine is remapped with a Power Commander to suit the Dave Miller Concepts silencer with spark arrestor.

You end up with a reportedly friendly dual sport bike on and off road and one that seemed to impress the veteran journalist Alan Cathcart bike when he tested it

2008 BMW HP2 Sport Technology

Another item on the HP2 Sport to identify its racing bias is what BMW calls the "the gearshift assistant." This bit of wordsmith trickery translates into what is a type of ignition interrupt that allows the rider keep the throttle pinned whilst snicking up through the close-ratio six-speed gear-set, as used for several years on the roadracing circuit. BMW says it enables "fast gear changes without having to ease off the gas and operate the clutch," and that "this technology is offered for the first time in a series vehicle."

2008 BMW HP2 Sport MotorcyclesHere's a peek at the "gear shift

assistant." Us old timers know this as clutch-less upshifting, and have been doing it long before "gear shift assistants" were around. Okay, maybe BMW's system is a little more advanced...

If you intend to race this bike, you'll most likely make the wise move of using a reverse shift pattern, and for just such an application BMW offers (at an additional charge of course), a "suitable replacement pressure sensor" to adapt the quick-shifter to a GP-style race pattern. The forged-aluminum footpegs are adjustable.

A quick scan of the chassis shows fully-adjustable Öhlins shocks keeping the rear Paralever and front Telelever in check. What isn't quite as obvious at first glance is just how minimal the frame is. It's really nothing more than a small collection of tubular steel to hang the engine from and to provide a place for the bodywork and fuel tank to bolt to. Lacking a traditional subframe, the Sport utilizes a self-supporting carbon rear structure as a perch for the rider’s hiney.

2008 BMW HP2 Sport Motorcycles

This hopped-up head sports larger valves than those on the R1200S, and is part of the performance package that is claimed to produce 128 hp and 84.8 ft-lbs of torque.

Braking is handled by radially mounted four-piston monoblock Brembo calipers and Magura brake levers with radial-pump master cylinders attached to the adjustable handlebars. As an option, BMW ABS can be had, the version for this bike coming with a switch to disable it for track time, or any other time for that matter.

The German bike maker claims that the instrument cluster comes "directly from MotoGP sport" offering the usual ton o' data along with a lap timer and "racing relevant data."

Finally, along with all the carbon bodywork, no subframe and a lighter generator, the HP2 Sport rolls on lightweight forged-aluminum wheels to achieve its claimed dry weight of 392 lbs, and a tank-full (90%) weight wet of 439 lbs. That’s a savings of a significant 27 pounds over the standard R1200S.

2008 BMW HP2 Sport Motorcycles The HP2 Sport not only draws its lineage from the R1200S, it also received plenty of development time from racing.

So, at this point in time that's about all we know on the latest addition to the HP2 family. Beyond the details that we're not privy to, a couple other things we don't know is if it'll be coming to U.S. shores, and when, exactly, in 2008 it will be available.

One thing we can be certain of, in typical BMW fashion, the HP2 Sport will probably be expensive! Expect a price north of 20 grand.

Honda CB 200 West Style Modification

Actually, a quick two trends are similar but not the same or similar practically. The basic difference is when the Japanese style is built with a minimalist style models like Japanese motorcycles used, Western-style tends toward chooper.

Honda CB 200 western style

Custom Honda CB 200 style
In the middle two-wheeler trend modifications that lead to the style of classic Japanese motorcycle aka Japanese Style, Indonesian Modificator seem to want to break that trend and modifying his Honda CB 200 with a flow Western Style

Honda CB 200 western style modified
Honda CB 200 western style modifications
Honda CB 200 western style modification

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Silver Saxon Turbo Kawasaki Powered Cafe

Silver Saxon Turbo! Kawasaki Powered Cafe HERE!

Silver Saxon Turbo  Kawasaki Powered Cafe

Reader Ride., Beautiful XS650 Bobber

No description of the build of this bike but the bike pretty much speaks for itself. On a side note the originals photos were huge and of outstanding quality. Beautiful build!

Reader Ride., Beautiful XS650 Bobber

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Suzuki and Cobra Engineering unveiled custom Boulevard M109R power cruise

Suzuki and Cobra Engineering
American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC), in partnership with Cobra Engineering, launched a fully customizable Boulevard M109R power cruiser at the New York International Motor Show (IMS) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.

Suzuki Boulevard M109R ships - cruisers of the most powerful Suzuki has ever produced - has turned into a heavily modified racing style yachts, representing the company's strong racing heritage. Cobra Special Projects Division, led by renowned builder Denny Berg, utilized elements of Suzuki GSX-R champion sportbike line, including the GSX-R 20 years of blue and white paint scheme, GSX-R1000 foot pegs, and sportbike-style tail section, where sit and handlebar steps.

Custom M109R also features a more open frame, displaying 1783cc, liquid-cooled, V-twin engine with dual overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and seamless Suzuki electronic fuel injection. Shares of M109R engine has been designed to produce a large wave of torque from just idle to redline. And, comfortable chassis to handle all the power and torque of a big V-twin, and provide agile handling and a comfortable riding position.

"We are very pleased to work with the Cobra Special Projects Division is amazing custom designs," said Glenn Hansen, communications manager, ASMC. "We know that cruiser riders want 'true' high performance bikes and custom accessories fit their personal style and needs. With a series of Cobra accessories combined with the already strong M109R engine design, this customized cruiser giving at all levels."

2007 Boulevard M109R

Suzuki introduced the much-anticipated Boulevard M109R cruiser to its 2006 line-up to satisfy consumers’ needs for a more powerful cruiser. The M109R features Suzuki’s race-proven technology from the championship-winning GSX-R sportbike line, boasting awesome power with its 1783cc V-Twin powerplant and an innovative look with aggressive styling and long, sleek flowing lines that define a new generation of Suzuki cruising machines.

From the GSX-R inspired front fender to the purposeful front headlight to the long low fuel tank and stylish rear fender, the M109R drips with deep rich paint complemented by mirror-like chrome accents throughout the entire design. Other stylish features include a wide fuel tank with a generous 5.2-gallon capacity, a low comfortable seat, integrated frame side covers and a uniquely designed radiator cowl. Upfront, a streamlined headlight cover houses a unique trapezoid-shaped multi-reflector halogen headlight and a maintenance free LED taillight built into the tail section. Chrome dual slash cut mufflers complete the fashionable look of the M109R.

For 2007, Suzuki introduced the Boulevard M109R Limited Edition model. The limited edition M109R features all the benefits of the popular cruiser with a specially designed paint scheme, textured seat, clear taillight with red LEDs, clear turn signals and other design extras.

Rounding out the 2007 Boulevard cruiser line are the M50, M50 Limited Edition, S40, S50, S83, C50, C50T, C50C, C90 and C90T.

StreetFighter Motorcycle - East Coast premiere of DB6 Delirio

StreetFighter Motorcycle - East Coast premiere of DB6 Delirio
Bimota StreetFighter Motorcycle Type - East Coast premiere of DB6 Delirio

Bimota DB6R Highlights:


improved alert light
improved service light
improved Oil pressure/temperature light
Chrono with memory of 20 laps (for each lap indicated: time, max speed, max rpm)

More power and modulability for breaking and clutch operation

More thrust and control during sportive riding



ONLY 170 kg / 374.8 lbs DRY WEIGHT
7 kg / 15.5 lbs less than DB6 Delirio DB6

Price $00,000 MSRP

Engine Configuration: Twin cylinder 90°
Displacement: 1078 cc
Engine Cooling: air/oil cooling
Compression Ratio: 10±0.5:1
Valves per cylinder: 2
Bore x Stroke: 98.0 mm x 71.5 mm
Engine Redline: 8500 rpm
Valve Angle (Included): 28° Inlet / 28° Exhaust
Valvetrain Type: Desmodromic valve actuation
Intake Valve Diameter: Ø 40 mm
Exhaust Valve Diameter: Ø 35 mm
Intake Valve Timing: Open BTDC 15°; Closed ABDC 65°; Duration 260°
Exhaust Valve Timing: Open BBDC 62°; Closed ATDC 19°; Duration 261°
Fuel Pump: Bitron 3.5 bar, electronic
Throttle Body Size: 45 mm
Air Filter: Paper
Exhaust System: 2 in 1 in 2, inox
Injection: Walbro
Injectors: Magneti Marelli
Lubrication System: Wet Sump
Transmission Type: Dry clutch Multi-disc with hydraulic actuation system
Primary Drive ratio: 33/61
Final Drive ratio: 15/39
Transmission ratio: VI = 28/24; V = 24/23; IV = 22/24; III = 20/27; II = 17/30; I = 15/37


Wheelbase: 1430 mm / 56.3 in
Steering angle: 24°
Swingarm length: 515±20 mm / 20.3±0.8 in
Seat height: 820 mm / 32.2 in
Footpeg height: 385 mm / 5.2 in
Handlebar height: 1040 mm / 40.9 in
Steering stem to seat center: 708 mm / 27.9 in
Overall length: 2045 mm / 80.5 in
Overall width: 830 mm / 32.7 in
Overall height: 1110 mm / 43.7 in
Ground clearance: 175 mm / 6.9 in
Front suspension: 50 mm Marzocchi UD fork TiN fully adjustable; stroke: 120 mm
Rear suspension: Extreme Tech Monoshock fully adjustable, compression low/high speed; wheel stroke: 120 mm
Front brake: Double Ø320 mm Braking floating disc, 4-pistons,4-pads with radial Brembo callipers
Rear brake: Ø220 mm Braking disc, 2-pistons, 2-pads with Brembo calliper
Front Wheel: 3.5x17.0 Al Alloy
Rear Wheel: 5.5x17.0 Al Alloy
Front Tyre: 120/70 ZR17, Continental Sport Attack
Rear Tyre: 180/70 ZR17, Continental Sport Attack
Fuel Tank Capacity: 16 l (5 l reserve) / 4.23 gal(US) (1.32 gal (US) reserve)
Dry Weight: 170 kg / 374.8 lbs

Jet Fighter Style Motorcycle Modified and Paint

Motorcycle nuts ICON Motorsports makes an interesting observation about their Warthog bike, inspired by the USAF's A-10 ground attack fighters, who share the same nickname: "Of course the first thing that grabbed one's attention is the 800-watt MTX audio system." Well, of course, was impressive - but I think the minigun attached to the front of the 'first cycle caught my eye. That, and it's hard to miss that whole thing into nine decal'd with ammunition. But I'm sure that there was a killer audio system, too.

Jet Fighter Style Motorcycle Modified and Paint
Warthog doing everything that can be seen significant and rapid, and has some additional, crazy frills, like an 8-inch LCD screen "to see Full Metal Jacket, Iron Eagle or Top Gun and the ability to broadcast the views of victims leave back through an integrated rear view camera. "

Jet Fighter Style Motorcycle Modified and Paint
Worried you will not be able to rock like the Warthog bike? Well, a helmet that fits should give you the confidence you need. Check out the gallery below for more than Icon Warthog, and click through for video of the bike in action.

Interesting Motorcycle Paint and Modification

Interesting Motorcycle Paint and Modification

very interesting paint job......... is'n it, please give your comment?

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DIY Electric Motorcycle Conversion

DIY Electric Motorcycle Conversion - The old rebel rolling chassis provided us with many of the needed parts - wheels, tires, brakes, etc... which was a real bonus - but it also supplied us with many rusty, broken, stripped or missing parts. In fact, most of our difficulties were because of the old parts, not because of the conversion itself. Without these annoyances, the conversion would have taken about two and a half days.

With an onboard 48V charger and 3-prong wall plug hardwired on, recharging is easy anywhere there's a wall outlet. Charging time depends upon how depleted the batteries are, but usually they were topped off after 5-8 hours.

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Hello Kitty Style Motorcycle Painting

Hello Kitty Style Motorcycle Painting
Hello Kitty Style Motorcycle Painting - modifications that are suited to a motorcycle-style at the time Valentine's Day

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Ducati Alice Racebike Design

Interesting stuff. Check em out!

Ducati Alice MotoGP Racebike Design
Ducati Alice MotoGP Racebike Design

BIKE Profile - DUCATI Hypermotard 1100S

DUCATI 1100S gallery
Hypermotard 1100S

  • Type: Supermotard
  • Engine: desmodromic L Twin - Dual Spark
  • Capacity: 1078cc
  • Power: 95 hp / 8750 rpm torque 106 nm / 8500 rpm
  • Tire Size: Front 120/17 rear 180/55

Ducati Hypermotard: Heavy Weight Stunt Monkey

Maybe we are not familiar with the figure Hypermotard. But at least this motor has become a major star in the blockbuster comedy film starring Jim Carey (Yess Men). These motor-based 1100Ds Multistrada / SDS but in a lighter configuration and loose forward performance. Small tank and weight of the motor is located in the middle.

Riding Character

This motor is very lightweight and has great torque. countless driving position is very upright, so not tiring the rider. Stang high motor driving the motor implies ENDURO. But small tanky make this motor does not go far and should be close to pombensin. Not a problem because none other than the Hypermotard motorcycle Supermotard heavyweight match dioprasikan like street fighter. Conditions for the rider and the Hypermotard is not a lot of just one, that is above 170cm in height, that's all!


Hypermotard motorcycles should not have as many variants of accessories other than those issued by Ducati. But things happened otherwise. Accessories Hypermotard it very much. Section Hypermotard platform suitable modifications made!

Yamaha FZ8 StreetFighter Gallery and Informations

Yamaha FZ8 StreetFighter Gallery

That many anticipated FZ8 and Yamaha Super Tenere Yamaha sales will occur this summer according to the Yamaha.

Yamaha working hard to promote both bike with heavy-disguised picture showing the parts of both motorcycles and a new silhouette that shows Super Tenere Yamaha R1-style headlight.

Yamaha FZ8 StreetFighter Gallery
Yamaha FZ8 StreetFighter Gallery

Yamaha officially launched the headlights of the FZ8 a few weeks ago but no further information came from Yamaha officially.

A Yamaha insider said: "FZ8 will appear at the end of this year together with Super Tenere that would be a good thing to boost interest in the new bike and the bike is expected to generate some significant sales in 2010."

No official estimated FZ8 has a smaller capacity four-cylinder version of the 998cc motor FZ1 - itself based on the five-valve Yamaha R1 engine from the year 2005.

FZ8 will replace the smaller capacity as a sporty model FZ6 naked middleweight, leaving the XJ6, XJ6 Diversion, and the new-for-2010 F XJ6 Diversion to satisfy beginners and versatile market.

This is the main rival will F800R BMW, Honda Hornet 600, Triumph Street Triple R and Aprilia shiver 750.

Super Tenere boxy silhouette shows off-road-style panniers, reinforcing evidence that the Yamaha bike will go head-to-head with BMW for the R1200GS, it does not involve more road-biased Ducati new Multistrada 1200.

Super Tenere technical highlights we already know about are:
- 3-mode ABS
- Shaft drive
- Associated brake
- Switchable engine maps
- Ride-by-wire throttle
- Traction control
- Side-mounted radiators

Fantastic Penton / KTM "Oldie" Jack Pine Special Supermoto.

Double post from the two-stroke page.

I get some good traffic over here from the folks so every now and then I like to go over and see what they're up to. Great bunch of folks and if you're even remotely interested in old Penton or KTM motorcycles (or any old dirtbike from that era) then go pay em a vist. Great Stuff!

Anyway while I was snooping around over there I stumbled across this beauty. I love this sort of treatment. I was very tempted to buy a similarly built bike a while back that was based on an XT500. It's one of the styles of bikes that really shine when "modernized". Power should NOT be a problem and I imagine she handles brilliantly.

Mr JC Hubbard had the breakdown in his post as follows:
'77 Penton 175 Engine with Lectron Carb

'77 Penton MC5 Frame & Tank
'80 KTM 175 Swingarm
'89 KTM GS 125 Forks, Wheels, Brakes
'78 KTM Torque Pipe
Trail Tech Cannondale Odo/Speedo
Magura Hymec Hydraulic Clutch
Magura 167 Front Brake Master
Kenda Tires
"Not mine, but a Very Unique project that I've helped my neighbor with. BTW,,,It's STREET LEGAL and is rode almost everyday, in nice weather!!"
Saw this on the "Oldie" Section Can't believe it -- but it's real...

Thanks Gents!

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Antique Motorcylcle in the World

[ 1904 NSU V Twin ]
NSU was a German company whose motorcycles ranked along with BMW and DKW as Germany's most famous manufactures. They started making motorcycles in 1900 and their racing bikes won the 250cc world championship in 1953, 1954 and 1955. NSU became involved with the rotary engine with Felix Wankel in the 50's and 60's and due to engineering difficulties, was to spell the end of NSU.

[ 1910 FN ]
The Begian Arms company 'FN' was the first to make 4 cylinder motorcycles in 1905. This is a 500cc engine, as big as that in the Gilera, but doesn't look big because of the small cooling fins on the engine. These and other inline 4's would usually be limited by the back cylinder getting hot. This bike has no clutch. When you stop, you must stop the engine and then peddle to get started again.

[ 1920 ABS Sopwith ]
Designed by the All British (Engine) Company (ABC) it was built by Sopwith Engineering, the same people who made the Sopwith Camel WWI airplane. This bike was very innovative and is generally considered as the engine that BMW copied in 1925 (BMW also made airplanes in WWI). This bike has front and rear suspension, overhead valves, a 4-speed transmission and an electric generator. These engines have a reputation that if you ever rev them too much, the pushrods fall out.

[ AJS & 1918 Thor ]
The Thor was made by the Aurora Machine & Tool Company in Chicago, Illinois. They made the first engines for Indian in 1902 and then started their own line in 1903. The 1200cc motor in this bike was only made until 1915 but Thor assembled bikes up to 1918. Several thousand were built. Aurora also made home appliances and at one time sold a combination clothes washer/dishwasher, which probably speeded up their eventual demise.

[ 1927 Henderson Four]
The Henderson Brothers were the fathers of the 4 cylinder motorcycles in America. The company was bought by Schwinn (the bicycle people) and the Hendersons went on to make the ACE, which was bought by Indian.

[ 1928 Neander ]
This bike was a Swiss engine called a M.A.G. Neander quit making bikes in 1929. Originally, these bikes are cadmium plated, including fender and tank. This bike was restored in Germany where cadmium plating is not allowed, so was painted with dull aluminum paint.

[ 1936 Nimbus w/ Sidecar]
Real Danish motorcycle with sidecar from Denmark. Notice the interesting contrast of technology. A four cylinder overhead camshaft engine with a foot shift and shaft drive, contrasted with a frame made from flat strips of steel.

[ 1946 Indian Chief ]
The Chief was first made in 1922 and production stopped in 1953, when Indian quit making its own motorcycles and started selling British bikes with the Indian label. Oddly enough, one of the DuPont family took control of the company in 1930, making the full range of DuPont paint colors available on Indians in 1931.

[ 1947 Triumph Speed Twin]
This cuties was designed before the war, this was Triumph's first "verticle twin" - two cylinders beside each other. During the war, engines like this powered electric generators.

[1949 Vincent Black Lightning Supercharged]
Gosh....its so beautyfull....!!This is one of only 30 Black Lightnings ever made and was the first one in the USA. This bike held the 1-mile world speed record (unsupercharged) in 1953 and then held the American record of 182 mph supercharged. This is probably the meanest pre-1950 bike you will ever see.

[1953 Mondial 175cc Double Overhead Cam Racer ]
FB Mondial was formed by 4 brothers (Fratelli Bosselli) who started making motorcycles seriously after WWII. They were the folks who showed that a double overhead cam 125cc racer could beat teh 2-cyclinder engines. Their factory racers won the world championship in 1949, 1950, and 1951. This 175cc racer is a larger version of the 125 and was used for racing in the Italian series. MV Agusta basically copied Mondial and went on to take over the world championship.

[ 500cc Moto Guzzi Milan-Taranto Falcone ]
Named it after the Milan to Taranto race. Guzzi was very successful in racing with their horizontal single-cylinder engines. Circa 1956.

[ 1956 Ariel Square Four ]
This is as usual with Italian bikes, it looks great. Notice the very high cam shaft driving the short push rods.

[ 1960 500cc Jawa Factory Racer ]
This Czechoslovakian dual overhead cam twin was used by the very successful Jawa factory race team. They got 2nd and 3rd in the 1961 350cc world championship, losing out only to an MV Agusta 4 cylinder, and got 4th place in the 1966 500cc world championship. Pretty good considering they were behind the iron curtain.

[ 1956 Ariel Square Four ]
England four cylinder motorcycle, the engine has 2 crankshafts rotating in opposite directions. The square four overhead cam engine was made in the mid-30's but this overhead valve model was made from yr's 53 to yr's 59. The manufacturers described it as "Whispering Wildfire". Development was stopped after the BSA group took over Ariel.