Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The SpiderMax GT 500 concept, introduced in 2004 was unique. Now, close your eyes and imagine an even more dynamic and sportier touring scooter. Malaguti introduces Spidermax RS500, the dream came true. The Spidermax RS500 is powered by a new clean EURO 3, horizontal single-cylinder, 4-stroke 493CC engine, double ignition. Max power 30,5 kW - 40,42 hp at 7250 rpm. An increased torque which offers impressive performance and high comfort ride. Spidermax RS500 is also available in a power limited version (max power: 24.5 kW - 32.538 hp at 6500 rpm). Spidermax RS500 looks great, and grants the same top-notch quality of Malaguti. The nicely styled front panels are completely new designed, sharing the sporty motorbikes resemblance. The front parking light is highly original: when on, the "M" of the Malaguti brand mark lightens. The level of finish is now more evident than ever in its new concept rear side. The chrome edged fairing with integrated indicators in transparent glass, is really elegant. The exhaust fits a new chrome plated protection shield, with a different inclination than the one of the GT model. The new RS has a big sized underseat compartment, big enough to hold two full-face helmets or an overnight bag. Definitely, a prestigious touring bike. Spidermax RS500 features the very latest advanced technology, excellent performance combined with the highest safety standards. Spidermax RS500 is equipped with 16" wheels and large diamater profile tubeless tires, ensuring the maximum road-holding under all road conditions. Maximum visibility is another major plus point for Spidermax, thanks to a powerful wide front headlight unit. Spidermax RS500 is an agile scooter able to move safely in the city traffic. It's an automatic motorcycle with the unique feeling of an open top car. It's perfect for urban commuting in style and relaxing fun trip in your free time.

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