Sunday, January 3, 2010

D.V.M.A. T-Shirt wanted


I am in North Carolina USA

Does your Club have T-shirts that I might buy one?

Hello Alan,

>> No we don't have T-shirts yet... but later on maybe...

Here is a photo of my Triumph I restored from junk…

>> Ok it looks good...! The mine 1973 is For Sale!

I am hoping to get a pre-unit BSA soon

>> You hope or will have...

Ok send me then a picture...of your pre-unit BSA..

Happy Holidays

Alan Hodge

Hollidays? It's very cold

& snowwy weather overhere!

But enjoy Your Holidays & Your Motorcycle Trips!

Motoring George Spauwen.

The Dutch Vintage Motorcycle Association

Too much rain here...ground is soggy……..

Here is my BSA another junker I rebuilt…but I want an M20 !!



Sent: Sunday, January 03, 2010 11:13 PM

Subject: RE: Tshirt


I rode the BSA yesterday it was 49 degrees F…but too cold today…

Stay warm and wish for better riding weather


No weather for T-Shirts now!

Motoring George


Motoring George Spauwen

"The Twin Man"

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