Monday, January 11, 2010

A Triumph Model TS 100 1935

Triumph Model TS 100 1935

with 98cc Fichtel & Sachs engine.

This machine is quite unique. Without an idea of scale, at first glance you might assume it to be a 1920’s flat-tank Triumph. It quite surprised me at first how much it drove like one. Obviously it’s a lightweight, so it’s very much easier to manage than a heavy old flat-tank, but the ride-height is similar and it definitely chugs along doing an excellent impersonation of one.

I have to admit to not liking sidecars. I love their looks. But they are atrocious to use on a motorcycle. I thought the TS100, being lighter, might handle one better, so I weighed down this Fenton Zip sidecar with bricks to try and improve the handling. Of course the problem is that when you turn a motorcycle with a sidecar, the sidecar wheel doesn’t turn with you; you have to drag it round a corner. I had some problems with the sidecar mounts and came off this outfit when I was test-driving it.

I need to use it regularly to clear the tank of junk and get it running smoothly; you know what these bikes are like, stopping every few miles to blow out the fuel filter. So, as it handles well as a solo, I’ll use it like that for now and fit the sidecar to the Narcisse instead. The Fenton Zip sidecar was originally fitted to a cycle tandem.

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